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Esopus Wars

Esopus Wars


The Esopus Wars were two localized conflicts between the indigenous Esopus tribe of Lenape Indians and colonialist New Netherlanders during the latter half of the 17th century in what is now Ulster County, New York. Like many other wars during the colonial period, at bottom they were the result of competition between […]

Evert Pels 1585-1661: I00678

Evert Pels was born to Dutch parents, Schepen Evert Pels and Jannetje Schepmoes while they were resident in Stettin in what was German Pomerania, an area which was ceded to the Russians after WWII and has since been Poland.

31 November 1641: Evert Everts Pels [born in] Statijn, sailor, aged 25 years, living in […]

Reprobates Renegades Rebels

Detail. Georges de La Tour, The Fortune Teller. Click to see the entire painting at Wikipedia.

Benjamin Tuttle (1629-1676) murdered his sister Sarah with an axe. The Tuttle family was socially prominent, but plagued by mental illness and violence. See the Tuttle family wikipage.

Carlo Lippi (1766-1826) killed a political rival outside of […]