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Quick-Decker-Ennis-Westfall families connect in two generations

Margriete Decker’s sister Heyltje married a Schoonmaker; her daughter Elizabeth married an Ennis; son Cornelius married a Westfall. The men of these families served in wars together.

Thomas Quick and Margriet(e) Decker married on 22 December 1713 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. Thomas and Margaret settled in Shippekonk (now Montague), Sussex, New Jersey and later to what would become Milford, Pike, Pennsylvania on the Delaware.

Thomas joined Captain John Van Etten’s First Company on 12 Jan 1756 during the French and Indian War. He died the next month near the Delaware River in February 1756.  Thomas died intestate and administration of his estate was granted to William Ennes, Benjamin Shoemaker, and James Hyndshaw who served with him.

“Quick, Thomas, Adm granted 9 Mar 1756 Wm Ennes, Benjamin Shoemaker, James Hyndshaw all yeoman of Northampton Co.” Northampton County Wills

Family Connections

Elizabeth Quick, baptized 28 Jan 1722 in Rochester, Ulster, New York, married William Ennes 18 May 1739, died 8 Apr 1771, buried in the Old Dutch Cemetery, Sandyton, Sussex, New Jersey.


Cornelius Quick, born in Shippekonk, Sussex, New Jersey, married Marya Westfael 14 Jun 1752 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York.



Baptismal Records

Page Number Baptism Number Baptism Date Parents Child Witnesses
46 879 1695 Gerrit Decker Margarit Cornelis Janssen Decker.
1 Dec. Grietje Deckers Elsje ten Broeck.
107 2232 1714 Thomas Kwik Dirk Anthony Westbroeck.
20 June Grietjen Dekkers Orseltjen Westbroek.
113 2371 1716 Thomas Kwik Jacobus Jan Van Kampen, senior.
29 Jan. Grietjen Dekkers Tietjen Dekkers.
140 2969 1722 Thomas Kwik Elisabeth Kryn Oosterhoud, junior.
28 Jan. Grietjen Dekker Bp’d “in Raysester.” (Rochester) Neeltjen Van Aaken.
153 3271 1724 Thomas Kwik Benjamin Hendrik Kortregt.
18 Oct. Grietjen Dekker Bp’d “in Raysester.” (Rochester) Appelony Kortegt.
197 4225 1733 Thomas Quik Catharina Bil Crook.
4 July Grietje Dekkers Bp’d “in Menissing.” (Minisink) Helena Brink.
218 4624 1736 Thomas Quik Aen Jacobus Kottebek.
19 May Grietje Dekker Bp’d “in Menissing.” (Minisink) Antje Rosekrans.

Kingston Marriage Records

Page 528, Marriage 308 1713 22 Dec.
THOMAS KWIK, j. m., born in Nieuw-Jork (New York), and MARGRIETA DEKKERS, j. d., born in Rosester (Rochester). Banns registered, 6 Dec.

Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Walpeck.

Page Number Baptism Date Parents Child Witnesses
87 1718 Thomas Quick Margrita Gerrit Decker,
Aug. 19. Grietje Decker Geertje Decker

Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, 1716-1830

Marriage Record-1737-97 (Machackemeck) Page 265
1742-July 25. Jacobus Quick, young man, born at Rhocester, dwelling in Smithsfield in Bucks County, to Maria Westbroeck, young woman, born at Rhocester, dwelling at Menissinck, married th 22d of August.
1745-May 12. Salomon Decker, young man, born on the Caetsbaen (Katsbaan), to Lena Quick, young woman, born at Metschepekonck, and both dwelling at Metschepekonck, married June 8th.

Page 268 1750-July 15.
Jacobus Quick, widower of Marys Westbroeck, to Jaannetje van Aken, young woman, born at Shippekonk, and both dwelling in Bucks County, married the 10th of August. 1752-May 24.

Cornelis Quick, young man, born at Shippekonk and dwelling in Upper Smithsfield, to Marya Westfael, young woman, born Menissinck and dwelling there, married the 14th of June.

Page 272 1757-July 16.
Johannis Wesval, widower of Ploni Cortregt, to Marigrita Queck, widow of Johannis Van Gardn, both born at Manissink, and dwelling there, married September 2d. 1759-January 26.