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Hannah Hinman 1666 – 1743 : I00904

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Hannah Hinman worried her father. He was so worried about her that he put explicit instructions in his will, directing his sons to keep an eye on her.

I doe desire also that my daughter Hannah may live in the family with my sons till she attain her respective age: If it may be with peace and concord if otherwise I impower my overseer to place her abroad in some Religious family till she attain as aforesaid her Respective Age.

It was up to her to get along with her brothers. If she displeased them, they could send her off …  to a nunnery.

The other daughters earn no such harsh measures. And yet, Hannah went on to marry and have a large family, apparently without trouble or chaos. In fact, her line continues to the present day so that it can be said that she did, in fact, make history.

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