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Excerpts from various histories

Thayer, George Burton, "Thayer and Burton Ancestry", (Hartford Conn: Press of the Plimpton MFG. Co. 1894), page 50-51.

CAPTAIN JOHN HOLBROOK, son of Thomas and Jane Holbrook, was born at Broadway, England, in 1617, and came to America with his father in 1624, from Weymouth, Dorsetshire. He married Sarah, and settled at Weymouth. She died January 14, 1643-4.

For his second wife he married Elizabeth Stream, daughter of Elizabeth Stream, a widow. He lived in that part of Weymouth known as "Old Spain."

In 1648 he was chosen selectman, and from 1651 to 1673, he was six times chosen representative. He was an enterprising business man and a large holder of real estate, owning land in Scituate and Braintree as well as at Weymouth. He also owned a house in Boston. In Braintree he owned the eastern portion, about 600 acres, of the tract of 3,000 acres granted by Boston in January, 1644, to the "Company of Undertakers for the Iron Works." In 1681 the new school-house was built on land bought of him at Braintree. He was prominent in military affairs, and active during the King Philip war.

In 1664, as lieutenant of the local company, he was chosen to go upon some service in Captain Hudson's command, but sickness in his family prevented. I

n the spring of 1676 he was appointed captain of one of the companies raised and sent out to suppress the "insolencies" of the Indians, and "to range the woods towards Hassanamesit" (above the Merrimac). In a report to his superiors, made April 29, 1676, he complained that his company was not up to the quota, and unless the ranks could be filled, he asked to be dismissed.

"I have neither drume nor collors which I desire that if you think it fitt to send me either houe-boye or drumpiter which is very requisitt."

His second wife died June 25, 1688, and he then married Mary Loring, who survived him. He died at Weymouth, November 23, 1699, leaving a large estate to his numerous heirs.


Stephen M. Lawson, The Eames Family in America, 1998.

  • Gravestone indicates he was age 82, whereas passenger list gives age of 11 in 1635, was born by 1644
  • John took the Freeman's oath 1640.
  • Holder of various public offices, property holder, lender.
  • Served during King Philip's War. Captain.
  • Will dated Jul. 12, 1699.
  • Married first Sarah (d. Jan. 14, 1643/4);
  • second Elizabeth STREAM (b. 1624; d. Jun. 25, 1688), daughter of John and Elizabeth;
  • and third Mary WHITE, daughter of Thomas and Mary (PRATT) WHITE. The name of his third wife is also given as Elizabeth (WATSON) LORING.

Children of first marriage:

  1. John married Abigail PIERCE;
  2. Abiezer did not marry;
  3. Hannah married Ephraim PIERCE; and
  4. Samuel married Lydia.

Children of second marriage:

  1. Sarah married Simon WHITMARSH;
  2. Elizabeth married Joseph NASH (ancestors of Pres. George Herbert Walker BUSH);
  3. Mary;
  4. Lois married Mr. NASH;
  5. Eunice married Benjamin LUDDEN;
  6. Experience married Joseph EDSON; and
  7. Ichabod married Sarah TURNER.

New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume IV

Captain John Holbrook, son of Thomas Holbrooek or Holbrooke (q-v.), was born in 1617, died November 23, 1699, aged about eighty-two years, according to his gravestone. He lived at Old Spain in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and seems to have inherited his father's homestead. He was a member of the church before he was admitted a freeman in 1640. He was one of the prominent men of the day and was of much service to his country. He was selectman in 1648 for the first time, and in 1651 was deputy to the general court. He was of the minority of thirteen who on May 7, 1651, refused their assent to the book of ecclesiastical discipline made by a committee and the elders of the churches. He served as representative in 1664-69-71-72-73. In 1668 he, with two others, purchased a nine mile by three quarters of a mile tract of land on the road between Weymouth and Middleborough, and in 1678 he bought John Saffan's farm in Scituate, Massachusetts, of John Hoar, of Concord. He loaned large sums of money to various tradesmen and merchants in Boston, taking out mortgages, and operated on a large scale for the times. On January 20, 1698-99 he sold a corn mill in Weymouth. He served with much distinction in King Philip's war in 1675, defending Weymouth with his company, and also fighting at other places. On June 22, 1676, he was at Concord with thirty men from Norfolk, a county which consisted of the settlements on the Merrimack and Piscataqua rivers, and as commander he drew the pay for twenty-four men in June, August and September, 1675, and also drew sixteen pounds for his own services.

He married (first) Sarah (???), who died January 14, 1643. He married (second) Elizabeth (???), who died June 25, 1688, aged sixty-four years, according to her gravestone. He married (third) Widow Sarah Loring, according to the "Sherborn History," which also says that she survived him. His will was dated July 12, 1699. Children: John, married Abigail Pierce; Abiezer, died unmarried, 1671-72; Samuel, born before January 24, 1644; Hannah, married (???) Pierce; Lois, twin, born May 12, 1658; Eunice, twin of Lois; Experience, born May 23, 1661; Ichabod.

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