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Kingston, Ulster, New York: conjunctions « Conjunctions

Kingston, Ulster, New York


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Latitude: 41.9270367, Longitude: -73.9973608


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chisom, Jannetie Tysems  1683Kingston, Ulster, New York I02422
2 Decker, Benjamin  02 Oct 1722Kingston, Ulster, New York I01712
3 Decker, Cornelis Janse  1670Kingston, Ulster, New York I00530
4 Decker, Fietie Janse  18 Jun 1671Kingston, Ulster, New York I00462
5 Decker, Gerrit  02 Oct 1711Kingston, Ulster, New York I01709
6 Decker, Gerrit Gerhard Jans  1665Kingston, Ulster, New York I00190
7 Decker, Gerrit Janse  26 Feb 1662Kingston, Ulster, New York I00494
8 Decker, Hendrick  Bef 31 Oct 1697Kingston, Ulster, New York I34
9 Decker, Herman  Abt 1674Kingston, Ulster, New York I00460
10 Decker, Heyltje Gerritse  10 Jan 1686Kingston, Ulster, New York I76260
11 Decker, Jacob Jansen  22 May 1671Kingston, Ulster, New York I00527
12 Decker, Jan Gerritsz  28 Jul 1688Kingston, Ulster, New York I01720
13 Decker, Jan Jacobson  18 Sep 1679Kingston, Ulster, New York I6
14 Decker, Jennetje  1685Kingston, Ulster, New York I76258
15 Decker, Johannes  1675Kingston, Ulster, New York I76257
16 Decker, Jurien Jan  1675Kingston, Ulster, New York I00529
17 Decker, Maddelen (Magdalena) Janse  03 Oct 1666Kingston, Ulster, New York I00528
18 Decker, Magdalena  06 Oct 1725Kingston, Ulster, New York I01718
19 Decker, Margriete  1 Dec 1695Kingston, Ulster, New York I00150
20 Decker, Margrietje Janse  1664Kingston, Ulster, New York I84674
21 Decker, Neeltje  1694Kingston, Ulster, New York I00501
22 Decker, Peter  1735Kingston, Ulster, New York I84589
23 Decker, Sara  19 Dec 1709Kingston, Ulster, New York I01710
24 Decker, Willem  1687Kingston, Ulster, New York I00499
25 Decker, William  15 Jul 1713Kingston, Ulster, New York I01716
26 Decker, Yssak  20 Dec 1719Kingston, Ulster, New York I01717
27 Dehooges, Catherine  14 Feb 1686Kingston, Ulster, New York I01777
28 Dekker, Jacobus  4 Aug 1706Kingston, Ulster, New York I66004
29 DePuy, Benjamin  1742Kingston, Ulster, New York I01728
30 Depuy, Catrina  10 Mar 1722Kingston, Ulster, New York I85090
31 DePuy, Elizabeth  26 Dec 1724Kingston, Ulster, New York I84211
32 DePuy, Elizabeth  1733Kingston, Ulster, New York I01727
33 Depuy, Hannah  31 May 1719Kingston, Ulster, New York I00646
34 DePuy, Joseph  23 Oct 1749Kingston, Ulster, New York I01725
35 Depuy, Maria  05 May 1717Kingston, Ulster, New York I85091
36 Depuy, Moses  Abt 27 Sep 1691Kingston, Ulster, New York I00694
37 Depuy, Sarah  10 Mar 1723Kingston, Ulster, New York I84212
38 Ditsoor, Cornelia  09 Jan 1709Kingston, Ulster, New York I66049
39 Gonsalus, Benjamin  25 Oct 1724Kingston, Ulster, New York I01697
40 Gonsalus, Maria  10 Feb 1734Kingston, Ulster, New York I00229
41 Gonzales-Duk, Catrina  01 Jul 1722Kingston, Ulster, New York I01737
42 Gonzales-Duk, Helena  25 Oct 1713Kingston, Ulster, New York I00942
43 Gonzales-Duk, Johannes  07 May 1710Kingston, Ulster, New York I01732
44 Gonzales-Duk, Lea  19 Jan 1718Kingston, Ulster, New York I00941
45 Helm, Peter  27 Apr 1729Kingston, Ulster, New York I02103
46 Hoorenbeeck, Lea  1705Kingston, Ulster, New York I83916
47 Hoorenbeeck, Mathys  1693Kingston, Ulster, New York I83920
48 Hoorenbeeck, Rachel  1708Kingston, Ulster, New York I83917
49 Hoorenbeeck, Tobias  1695Kingston, Ulster, New York I83921
50 HORNBECK, EBERT (EVERT)  Bef 15 May 1698Kingston, Ulster, New York I83919

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Decker, Jan Jacobson  28 Sep 1679Kingston, Ulster, New York I6
2 Decker, Margrietje Janse  31 Aug 1664Kingston, Ulster, New York I84674
3 Gonzales, Manuel  16 Nov 1694Kingston, Ulster, New York I00816
4 Pels, Maria Everts  1655Kingston, Ulster, New York I00650
5 Roosa, Annetje  22 Dec 1697Kingston, Ulster, New York I00660
6 Roosa, Annetje (Annatje)  Abt 1662Kingston, Ulster, New York I01895
7 Roosa, Arien (Ary)  03 Jun 1694Kingston, Ulster, New York I00654
8 Roosa, Evert  26 Oct 1679Kingston, Ulster, New York I00658
9 Roosa, Marytjen (Mary)  28 Aug 1698Kingston, Ulster, New York I00661
10 Roosa, Rebecca  20 Mar 1678Kingston, Ulster, New York I00659
11 Roosa, Wyntje  04 Jun 1682Kingston, Ulster, New York I00590
12 Van Kuykendall, Christina Stynie Jacobszen  02 Apr 1682Kingston, Ulster, New York I01216
13 Westfall, Jurian  27 Apr 1684Kingston, Ulster, New York I01177


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albertse, Femmetje  1667Kingston, Ulster, New York I01815
2 Bogardus, Peter  1703Kingston, Ulster, New York I84456
3 Bos (Bosch), Tryntje Matthijszoon Tyssen  26 Sep 1684Kingston, Ulster, New York I84800
4 Chisom, Jannetie Tysems  1712Kingston, Ulster, New York I02422
5 Decker, Abraham  24 Mar 1792Kingston, Ulster, New York I01707
6 Decker, Broer Jansen  May 1658Kingston, Ulster, New York I00535
7 Decker, Broer Jansen  1722Kingston, Ulster, New York I75814
8 Decker, Fietie Janse  1745Kingston, Ulster, New York I00462
9 Decker, Heyltje Gerritse  1773Kingston, Ulster, New York I76260
10 Decker, Jan Gerritsen  1717Kingston, Ulster, New York I84678
11 Decker, Jennetje  1685Kingston, Ulster, New York I76258
12 Decker, Maddelen (Magdalena) Janse  1727Kingston, Ulster, New York I00528
13 Decker, Sara  1763Kingston, Ulster, New York I01710
14 Dehooges, Eva  12 Oct 1697Kingston, Ulster, New York I01778
15 Dehooges, Johanna  Kingston, Ulster, New York I01773
16 Dejong, Wyntje Ariens  28 Oct 1686Kingston, Ulster, New York I00652
17 DePuis, Antjen  02 Jun 1757Kingston, Ulster, New York I83532
18 Depuy, Jacobus  22 Jul 1762Kingston, Ulster, New York I00690
19 Depuy, Sarah  Kingston, Ulster, New York I84212
20 Dyrcks, Orseltie  1672Kingston, Ulster, New York I01133
21 Gonsalus, Benjamin  1748Kingston, Ulster, New York I01697
22 Gonzales-Duk, Catrina  Kingston, Ulster, New York I01737
23 Hornbeck, Johannes  20 Apr 1685Kingston, Ulster, New York I83913
24 Hornbeck, Marietje  1724Kingston, Ulster, New York I84216
25 Jacobs, Jeyltje  1660Kingston, Ulster, New York I75234
26 Jacobsen, Pieter  1664Kingston, Ulster, New York I01817
27 Jansen, Grietjen  1660Kingston, Ulster, New York I01269
28 Kierstede, Roeloff  1585Kingston, Ulster, New York I02209
29 Louw, Cornelius  20 Feb 1746Kingston, Ulster, New York I01008
30 Louw, Elizabeth  Kingston, Ulster, New York I01009
31 Louw, Gideon  22 Apr 1779Kingston, Ulster, New York I01004
32 Louw, Johanna  1770Kingston, Ulster, New York I01003
33 Louw, Rachel  Feb 1747Kingston, Ulster, New York I00998
34 Pels, Clara  14 May 1721Kingston, Ulster, New York I00679
35 Pels, Evert  29 Jun 1686Kingston, Ulster, New York I00664
36 Quick, Thomazen  1766Kingston, Ulster, New York I01029
37 Roosa, Arien (Ary)  Abt 1750Kingston, Ulster, New York I00654
38 Roosa, Evert  05 Mar 1727Kingston, Ulster, New York I00658
39 Roosa, Guert  15 Jun 1664Kingston, Ulster, New York I01897
40 Schepmoes, Marretje Symens  1673Kingston, Ulster, New York I00994
41 Schlecht, Cornelis Barentsen  05 Nov 1697Kingston, Ulster, New York I83703
42 Schlecht, Petronella  28 Apr 1689Kingston, Ulster, New York I00599
43 Schoenderwoardt, Jacob  Kingston, Ulster, New York I83300
44 Schoonmaker, Hendrick Jochemsen  1681or 1682Kingston, Ulster, New York I85095
45 Schoonmaker, Jochem Hendricksen  07 Nov 1730Kingston, Ulster, New York I85094
46 Schoonmaker, Margrietje  27 Jun 1764Kingston, Ulster, New York I84081
47 Schutt, Heyltie  30 Jan 1752Kingston, Ulster, New York I84853
48 Schutt, Magdalena Jans  1672Kingston, Ulster, New York I75815
49 Slecht, Matthys Cornelius  Aft 1709Kingston, Ulster, New York I84804
50 Swart, Marytje  25 May 1713Kingston, Ulster, New York I66028

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Decker, Gerrit Gerhard Jans  14 Feb 1665Kingston, Ulster, New York I00190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bos, Margaret  17 May 1665Kingston, Ulster, New York I4526
2 Slecht, Hendrick Cornelius  1644Kingston, Ulster, New York I84803


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Decker, Ariaantje  15 May 1698Kingston, Ulster, New York I01722
2 Decker, Jan Gerritsz  28 Jul 1688Kingston, Ulster, New York I01720
3 Depuy, Elizabeth  06 Aug 1721Kingston, Ulster, New York I00577
4 Ennis (Ennes), Catherine  20 Apr 1701Kingston, Ulster, New York I00157
5 Lesueur (Lozier), Jannetje  12 Jul 1659Kingston, Ulster, New York I00826
6 Roosa, Jannetje  Abt 1662Kingston, Ulster, New York I01894
7 Roosa, Jannetje  Abt 1662Kingston, Ulster, New York I01894
8 Schoonmaker, Benjamin  11 Jan 1718Kingston, Ulster, New York I00576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event    Person ID 
1 Schutt, Willem Jansen  31 Aug 1664Kingston, Ulster, New York P6622

Tax Assessment

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax Assessment    Person ID 
1 Gonzales-Duk, Manuel  1716/1717Kingston, Ulster, New York I00946
2 Wynkoop, Evert  1716/1717Kingston, Ulster, New York I01020


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 Decker, Jan Gerritsen  24 Aug 1701Kingston, Ulster, New York I84678
2 Westercamp, Grietjen Hendricks  24 Aug 1701Kingston, Ulster, New York I76262


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Decker / Decker  20 Jan 1685Kingston, Ulster, New York F00504
2 Decker / Schut  02 Apr 1684Kingston, Ulster, New York F22213
3 Decker / Van Wagenen  17 Sep 1709Kingston, Ulster, New York F22210
4 Decker / Westercamp  23 Mar 1663Kingston, Ulster, New York F19419
5 DeHooges / Post  04 Dec 1675Kingston, Ulster, New York F00422
6 Dekker / Ditsoor  18 Jun 1727Kingston, Ulster, New York F16976
7 Depuy / Hitchcock  08 Jun 1748Kingston, Ulster, New York F21990
8 Depuy / Schoonmaker  14 Feb 1716Kingston, Ulster, New York F21991
9 Gonzales / Quick  25 Sep 1719Kingston, Ulster, New York F00398
10 Gonzales-Duk / Davids  Kingston, Ulster, New York F00413
11 Helm / Louw  28 Jun 1728Kingston, Ulster, New York F00520
12 Hornbeck / Tyssen  1692Kingston, Ulster, New York F22245
13 Jacobsen / Westercamp  Kingston, Ulster, New York F00431
14 Louw / Vernooy  11 Jan 1702Kingston, Ulster, New York F00188
15 Quick / DeHooges  24 Sep 1696Kingston, Ulster, New York F00519
16 Roosa / Pels  1669Kingston, Ulster, New York F00128
17 Roosa / Van Etten  10 May 1702Kingston, Ulster, New York F00288
18 Schoonmaker / Decker  25 Nov 1704Kingston, Ulster, New York F00118
19 Schutt / Chisom  29 Jan 1699Kingston, Ulster, New York F00799
20 Schutt / Mone  01 Sep 1712Kingston, Ulster, New York F00800
21 Titsoort / Hoornbeeck  18 Oct 1702Kingston, Ulster, New York F22147
22 Westbrook / Decker  12 May 1687Kingston, Ulster, New York F22227
23 Westercamp / Albertse  1638Kingston, Ulster, New York F00430
24 Winfield / Terpenning  01 Jan 1723Kingston, Ulster, New York F00508


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   Family    Birth-ch    Family ID 
1 Gonzales-Duk / Davids  16 Nov 1694Kingston, Ulster, New York F00413
2 Gonzales-Duk / Davids  11 Sep 1697Kingston, Ulster, New York F00413
3 Gonzales-Duk / Davids  21 Sep 1701Kingston, Ulster, New York F00413