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Edward Hinman

databaseflag Sergeant Edward Hinman  arrived in Boston 19 June 1650 aboard the ship William & George as a crewman. He settled in Stratford, Connecticut after a few false starts elsewhere.

Tradition says that he belonged to the bodyguard of Charles I  as sergeant-at- arms, and escaped from Cromwell’s wrath to America.  To my knowledge, nobody has been able to document this claim.

Wheeler home, Stratford, Connecticut ca 1680

Stratford, Connecticut oldest building. The Black Rock section of Bridgeport was first occupied by the Wheeler family in 1644 and developed as a trading settlement. Its oldest surviving house is the John Wheeler House at 268 Brewster Street. Although traditionally dated to 1720, the steep pitch of its roof and various interior features suggest an even earlier date in the seventeenth century (c. 1680). John Wheeler was a wealthy merchant who represented Fairfield in the colonial legislature. The house was greatly altered over time: a Gothic Revival center gable with a quatrefoil window was added in the 1850s, the original central chimney was removed above the first floor and the front facade was greatly altered in the 1940s. These later alterations were removed in the 1980s when the house was restored to an early colonial appearance.

From the Dutch records at Albany it appears that Hinman had some kind of connection with Captain John Underhill (see Wikipedia for more on Underhill) in offering their military services to Governor Stuyvesant to fight the Indians. The offer was refused, and so  Hinman disbanded his company at Stamford  and settled at Stratford.

He was a farmer and extensive landholder there, and was the first owner of the old tide mill between Stratford and what is now Bridgeport.  His house is mentioned in the Stratford Records, eighth month, 1668: “This house of Sergeant Hinman was located upon the west of the present Main street in Stratford, a little southwest of that noble old Episcopal church, the beauty of which is its antiquated structure and plainness.”

In 1681 Hinman sold his homestead and removed to Woodbury, Connecticut, where he made his will. He died Nov 26, 1681, it is thought in Stratford, where his will was proved and recorded. He mentioned all his children, and directed that his youngest son, Edward Jr., be brought up to a trade by Jehiel Preston, of Stratford. His death is recorded in Stratford.

Edward and Hannah Stiles Hinman are one set of EEG’s 10x great grandparents. In fact, she’s descended from them on three different lines, or from three of their five children. Captain Titus Hinman, Hannah Hinman, and Benjamin Hinman all went out and had families, and those families had families, and along the line cousins married and lines twisted. For more on the very odd math of genealogy, please see Genealogical Math and the Collapsing Hinmans.

The Hinmans were so … productive that there are enough ancestors to get together to pool genealogy information (see the Official Hinman Family website). The stories about Edward are colorful, to say the least, but documentation is sparse. His will  is in the possession of the state of Connecticut but available to be studied; a transcript was put online by the Connecticut GenWeb people. I’ve copied it below, because it’s just too full of good details to ignore. Original spellings, but don’t be put off.


I Edward Hinman of Woodberry in his Majesty’s Collony of Conecticut being sick in body and very weak, yet of vonted memory and soundness in minde I doe make ordaine and Constitute this my last will and testament in manner and form as follow:

Imprimis: I give  and fooly resigne my immortal soule into ye hands of & satisfaction of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Redeemer:

Item: my body to a Christian buriall in the earth to bee layd where it shall remain till that great day of its Resurrection; at which time both soul & body shall be reunited.

And for that temporal estate that the Lord had betrusted mee withal for the prevention of future trouble, and that it may bee peace, love, union & concord may be continued amongst my Deare children I doe dispose of it as follows:

Imprimis: I doe upon the conditions herin exprest, give and freely bequest unto my dutyful and loving Sonn Titus Henman my whole accomendations to mee devolved in Woodberry both upland and mead with all the buildings upon the farm, with all and singular, the privileges, conveniences & appurtenances.

The conditions are that [1] hee, ye said Titus Henman resigns into my hand to dispose of that accommodations granted to him by the Town of Woodberry, the which the said Titus had done and acknowledged according to law this present day. [2] As also that the husbandry & improvement of the Accomodations shall be conjunct & equally shared amongst the three, viz: Titus, Samuel and Benjamin three whole years, the tackling and acres for carrying on in like manner and ffor ye building that they three above named cohabit & have equal interests, till Samuel and Benjm doe conjuct build a dwelling house of the same dimensions of John Huthwith’s house in Woodberry for each of these two, viz: Samuel & Benjamin … listed as my present dwelling house bequeathed to Titus Hinman is at this time. And this within the three years above said.

Item: my will is & I doe give & freely bequest unto my dutiful sonn, Samuel Hinman that meadow that I purchased of Dr Sherman with all the priveleges, conveniences & appurtenances there to belonging; as also that parcel of land that was lyd out to my son Titus lying to the south of John Huthwith.

Item: I doe give freely bequeath unto my dutifull sonn, Benjamin Hinman all the accomdations that was by ye Town of Woodberry granted to my son, Titus except that parcel willed to my son, Samuell with all the conveniences there to appertaining.

Item: my will is that all my cattell both oxen and cowes & young cattell, as also my horse flesh bee improved and lookt after conjunct ye three years afore spoken of. And then bee equally divided between my three sons Titus, Samuel, and Benjamin as then they either advanced or diminished only my desire and will is that if the white horse be then in being that that horse shall be part of my son Titus, his share of the horse kinde:

Item: my will is that all my bedding, household goods and movables of all sorts that are here in Woodberry as also a great bell kettle pott that is at Strattford shall be improved in common amngst ye three afore named brethren – Titus, Samuell & Benjm til the three years afore said bee expired, & then to be equally divided between them three, only that bell mettle pott is hereby willed to bee a part of my son Titus Hinman’s part in this legasie.

Item: my will and testament farrther is that my three daughters Hannah, Mary, and Patience shall have when they attayn their respective age of eighteen years that is to pay Hannah thirty five pounds, Mary and Patience thirty pounds apiece. And my desire and express will is that the product of my land at Strattford may be preserved together with the pewter there and other hold goods except ye books & other things spoken of before the payment of these legacies to my daughters, & that if that falls short of the complements of … legacies, I doe will and herby impower said sons I shall make choice of my overseers in Strattford together with my executor to dispose of my daughters’ legacies when they come of age.

Item: my will is that my daughter Sarah Roberts shall have five pounds and her two children, my grand children, fifty shillings apiece; in consideration that I did for her at marriage as I was able.

Item: my will is that my dear child & loving son, Edward Hinman may be placed out as apprentice to some honest & religious bondsman: and my will and desire is if it may be that he be placed with my loving ffriend Jehiell Preston: of Stratford and at the town of his attayning his representative age I will & freely bequeath all my lands of Stratford as yet not disposed of:

Item: my will is that my three sons Titus, Samuel & Benj shall be conjunct in all the improvements and occasions both as it relates to the husbandry, building ye aforesaid two dwelling houses, and also the finishing my present dwelling house and finishing the barn and for to bee equal in all rates and the product of the land and all the losses within and during the said three years to be equally born between them: The two houses of Samuell & Benj are to be of as far finished at the three years as this bequeathed to Titus shall bee.

Item: it is my will and I doo declare that these my lands willed to my sons either in Woodberry or Strattford shall bee theirs and theire heirs forever; and this entailment thus runs that in case either by diceasson of without child lawfully begotten to heirs his land: ye land of deceased shall be equally divided amongst the surviving sons: that is this land in Woodberry. [end of second page of original]

Item: my will is that I make choice of my Loving and much Respected friends vis: Joseph Hawley, Jehiell Preston and my loving brethren Ephraim Stiles, and Hope Washbon, my overseers of this my last will and testament so far as it relates to my concerns in Woodberry; hoping for the care, faithfulness & love herin as they will desire & expect the like from other theire friends ye like kind.

Item: my will and desire is that what lands after the legacies to my daughters bee payd shall bee entyled to my son, Edwards Hinman and his heirs for ever as his brethren; and my desire is that whatever lands are disposed upon aforesaid that yet that parcel of land called Giner’s Farme may be reserved for my son Edward.

I make my son Titus Himan my shole and sole Executor:

I doe desire also that my daughter Hannah may live in the family with my sons till she attain her respective age: If it may be with peace and concord if otherwise I impower my overseer to place her abroad in some Religious family till she attain as aforesaid her Respective Age.

That this is my last will & testament contained in three sides of a sheet of paper is signified and confirmed by subscribing hereunto this seventeenth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and eighty one.

[signature in own hand]

Edward Hinman Witness per us and subscribed in our presence
Moses Jenson
Edward Hinman
Seal Henry Hill
That Moses Jenson doth testify that hee not only subscribed as a witness to the above written will of Edward Hinman, but after that he saw the said Edward Hinman owned it, and declare it his will the said Moses Jenson gives oath to, this 8th March: 1681/82 before me John Minor Clerk in Woodberry

Sources include:

Hinman, Royal Ralph. 1856. A family record of the descendants of Sergt. Edward Hinman: who first appeared at Stratford in Connecticut, about 1650. Collected from state, colony, town and church records: also, from old Bibles and aged people. Available online at

Hinman Family Association


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