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Archival Documents

Old documents are one of the things I find most interesting about genealogy research. They can be difficult to decipher because of physical damage, unfamiliar hand-writing styles, and of course, language. Even if the handwriting is crystal clear, a document written before 1600 means you have to deal with varieties of languages that […]

Get Involved

Genealogy is a team sport. The only way to make any progress is to interact with other people who are truly curious about the past, and to dig into the books and newspapers.

Luckily it’s easy to do those things these days; so much is available online, it’s sometimes staggering. At the same time, crucial […]

On copyright and intellectual property

As any writer will tell you, copyright is necessary if authors and musicians and others like them are going to eat. My novels are copyrighted, and my publishers would take anybody to court who impinged on those copyrights, and rightly so.

Genealogy is a cloudier research area. I note that many people who put genealogical […]