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Esopus Wars

Esopus Wars


The Esopus Wars were two localized conflicts between the indigenous Esopus tribe of Lenape Indians and colonialist New Netherlanders during the latter half of the 17th century in what is now Ulster County, New York. Like many other wars during the colonial period, at bottom they were the result of competition between […]

Hans Weber 1624 – 1649 : I01565

1 Sep 1649. Power of attorney from Anthony Bermoeda to Hans Weber. Source: New York State Archives. New York (Colony). Secretary of the Province. Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1642-1660. Series A0270-78. Volume 3, documents 64a - 64b-c, side 1. to receive his share of the prize Tobasco

Hans Weber was born in the Netherlands, immigrated to the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, was appointed Captain at Arms to the garrison at Fort Amsterdam on September 28, 1647, and had a daughter who married into the Kortright family. And he died at a very young age. That is all we would know about […]

Kortright family

Abbott, John Howard, The Courtright (Kortright) Family, New York, NY: Tobias A. Wright, 1985, pp. 25-27, 30-31: 1 Jan Bastiaensen (Van Kortryk). +3 Cornelis Jansen (Kortright), whose descendants composed the principal part of the late Kortright family of Harlem, was born at Beest, in Gelderland, Holland, in 1645, came out with his father, Jan […]

Decker family & DNA



by Wayne R. Decker, Ph.D.*Jan Broersen Decker settled in the Dutch colony of New Netherlands in the mid-1600s and has many descendants. There is uncertainty, however, concerning some of his children. Was Cornelius Janse Decker, for […]

New Netherlands (to 1664)

Before 1664


New Netherlands. Map by Nicolaes Visscher II (1649-1702)

See also the excellent U.S. Timeline webpage: 1643 – The United Colonies of New England by Gerard Tondu.

The mid-seventeenth century was not only the period in which the Dutch colonized much of what is now New York State, it was also Holland’s […]


Esopus > Wiltwyck > Kingston


The name of this settlement shifted multiple times as the colony evolved and changed hands. This overview from the New Netherland Institute:

Throughout the 1620s and 1630s traffic on the North River moved steadily between New Amsterdam-the capital of New Netherland, located on the island of Manhattan-and Fort Orange, […]

Grietjen Westercamp Gerritsen

Grietjen Westercamp (Grietjen is a Dutch diminutive for the name Margaret) was born in New Amsterdam to Hendrick Jansz Westercamp and Femmetie Alberts in 1642. Like most women of her time and place she faced many hardships, and in fact, survived some experiences that most did not.

The houses in the Wiltwyck area probably […]