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The older Bjick children after their mother’s 1904 funeral. Helene Gronewold Bjick.

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Archival Documents

Old documents are one of the things I find most interesting about genealogy research. They can be difficult to decipher because of physical damage, unfamiliar hand-writing styles, and of course, language. Even if the handwriting is crystal clear, a document written before 1600 means you have to deal with varieties of languages that […]

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The data you provide has only one purpose: to make sure that the family genealogical database is correct and complete.

When you submit the registration form you will be given the opportunity to submit data for another person. If you are able and willing, please fill out a form for all the members of your […]

Research Resources

If you are curious about this whole undertaking and thinking about starting research on a family line not included here, below there are a few suggestions on how and where to get started. This is a fundamental list in no particular order, except to say that the first four on the list are specific to […]




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