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Alexander Ennis 1632 – ~1679 : I00160

Alexander Ennis is the first of the Ennis line, a Scot who came to the British Colonies as a prisoner of war and went on to found a family. He has thousands of direct descendants, among them Benjamin Westfall Ennis, my maternal grandfather.

There is a significant body of research about his experiences as a […]

Reprobates Renegades Rebels

Detail. Georges de La Tour, The Fortune Teller. Click to see the entire painting at Wikipedia.

Benjamin Tuttle (1629-1676) murdered his sister Sarah with an axe. The Tuttle family was socially prominent, but plagued by mental illness and violence. See the Tuttle family wikipage.

Carlo Lippi (1766-1826) killed a political rival outside of […]

Tuttle family

William Tuttle (1607-1673) set out for the colonies as a part of the puritan Reverend John Davenport’s congregation in 1635. In his party was this wife Elizabeth and their three oldest children (John, Ann and Thomas), as well as his older brother Richard, Richard’s wife Ann and their three children; William and Richard Tuttle’s widowed […]